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NOTICE: Support for Windows XP has been discontinued. Windows Vista support will be discontinued in April 2017. While Award Tracker may continue to work with these operating systems trouble reports for operators using them, an extended effort to fix the problems will not be performed unless it can be duplicated on an officially supported version of Microsoft Windows.

With Award Tracker, you no longer need a special logging program for your favorite organization to keep track of their awards and endorsements. Award Tracker processes several awards and endorsements for 10-10 International, PODXS 070 Club, OMISS, Ham Radio Nation, European PSK Club, Radio Amateurs of Canada, CQ, IOTA and others upon request. Logging programs natively supported include Ham Radio Deluxe, ACLog, PSK Express, DXLab, MicroLog, XMLog, QSO Manager, and Logger32 (by using ADIF audit trail). You can also import an ADIF file if your log program is not listed.  Please register on this site by clicking the "Create an account" link at the left, to receive notifications when updates to award tracker are released.

If you discover any issues or want to submit a feature request you can post it in the forum.

Thank you, W5DJT

Award Tracker - 3.0.0
Released 2018-01-04-21
Move adif support to version 3 for usage in the local database.
0000605: [General] minor text changes to the splash screen (w5djt)
0000604: [Download] Code cleanup in updateSupportFiles. (w5djt)
0000590: [General] Begin migration to adif version 3 (w5djt)
0000599: [ARRL Awards] DXCC returns a dxcc value of 0 (w5djt)
0000598: [Database Sync] DXLab Database import does not populate the Country field. (w5djt)
0000603: [Database Sync] ACLog database import does not get QSL status consistently (w5djt)
0000602: [General] Add print icon next to refresh database icon (w5djt)
0000600: [Other] Create 'support' files to verify data for enumeration fields. (w5djt)
0000601: [Other] Create 'support' file for verifying adif field names (w5djt)
9 issues

Award Tracker - 2.3.3
Released 2017-11-21
0000593: [ARRL Awards] DXCC has uncaught exception with certain data conditions (w5djt)
0000594: [Search] Begins with and Ends with search options generate incorrect sql statement (w5djt)
0000592: [CQ Awards] change default qsl type to Card + LOTW (w5djt)
0000589: [10-10 Awards] Many 10-10 awards are not returning results or generating errors (w5djt)
0000591: [CQ Awards] USA-CA date format is displayed incorrectly (w5djt)
5 issues

Award Tracker - 2.3.2
Released 2017-07-22
0000588: [General] Version assigned to installer is incorrect causing alert. (w5djt)
1 issue

Award Tracker - 2.3.1
Released 2017-07-15
0000587: [Configuration] Allow user to set default QSL type for ARRL awards. (w5djt)
0000586: [ARRL Awards] VUCC Band should populate to "VU" when selected. (w5djt)
0000585: [ARRL Awards] VUCC - Error - index and length must refer.... (w5djt)
0000584: [Configuration] Uncaught exception when clicking "All" in configuration Show Icons group box (w5djt)
0000581: [County Hunter Awards] Error received: Conversion from type 'Integer' to type 'Date' is not valid. (w5djt)
0000579: [AAC Award] Record Count for AAC results is not correct (w5djt)
0000577: [Database Sync] HRD database sync produces errors when using MySQL database (w5djt)
0000576: [Database Sync] ACLog database sync contains v4 text. (w5djt)
8 issues

Award Tracker - 2.3.0
Released 2017-03-30
0000575: [Configuration] 10-10 Volunteers Url is hardcoded and should be user configurable (w5djt)
0000574: [Other] fix images / colors for toolbar icons (w5djt)
0000573: [General] change the order of Awards in menu to be sorted alphabetically (w5djt)
0000569: [General] Add Asian-African Conference Award (AAC Award) (w5djt)
0000572: [Database Sync] ACLog database does not properly import TIME_OFF & TIME_ON fields (w5djt)
0000571: [Configuration] TIME_ON & TIME_OFF are missing from the search field list (w5djt)
0000570: [070 Endorsements] WAC queries have invalid date format resulting in no results (w5djt)
7 issues

Award Tracker - 2.2.3
Released 2017-03-11
0000568: [ARRL Awards] Band textbox generates "Invalid band entry 'ERR'" when loosing focus (w5djt)
0000321: [IOTA Awards] add IOTA WORLD DIPLOMA (w5djt)
0000566: [OMISS Awards] 100 OM Number Silver processes date incorrectly resulting in no records returned (w5djt)
0000134: [OMISS Awards] add 100 OM Number - Gold (w5djt)
0000252: [ARRL Awards] ARRL Awards - Add FFMA (Fred Fish Memorial Award) (w5djt)
0000253: [ARRL Awards] ARRL Awards - Add WAS Triple Play (w5djt)
0000543: [General] Add "DXBase" support (w5djt)
7 issues

Award Tracker - 2.2.2
Released 2016-12-16
0000539: [Database Sync] Add "CQ Log" support. (w5djt)
0000562: [Search] There is not a way to remove "Saved Queries" (w5djt)
0000561: [Search] When saving a new query the "Saved Queries" list is not repopulated with the new entry (w5djt)
0000558: [Other] modMain - connect database should use populateDbStatus() to set the statusbar string on main form. (w5djt)
0000557: [Database Sync] Add LOTW-ADIF support. (w5djt)
0000555: [Search] Uncaught exception when saving query with apostrophe in the name (w5djt)
6 issues

Award Tracker - 2.2.1
Released 2016-08-25
0000538: [General] Add "QSO Manager" log support. (w5djt)
0000542: [Search] Uncaught Exception "Value of '100' is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between 'minimum' and 'maximum'" (w5djt)
0000541: [Configuration] Add ability to use system default web browser instead of built in browser for viewing award url. (w5djt)
0000540: [Configuration] only show configuration tab for log program that is selected in Logging Program setting. (w5djt)
4 issues

Award Tracker - 2.2.0 Beta
Released 2016-07-25
0000536: [General] Most awards are using "COL_TIME_ON" instead of "COL_QSO_DATE" for the QSO date. (w5djt)
0000537: [Database Sync] HRD database import "Access denied....Using Password NO" error with MySQL db (w5djt)
0000535: [Configuration] Add DXLab 10-10 field configuration (w5djt)
0000534: [Database Sync] DXLab - QSO_DATE field not being imported. (w5djt)
0000526: [Database Sync] Date & Time fields are not imported to ADIF compliant data. (w5djt)
0000533: [Configuration] Log Program setting is not saving Commcat 4.x setting. (w5djt)
0000532: [10-10 Awards] 10-10 WAS does not filter states from other countries (w5djt)
0000531: [Database Sync] DXLab - STX & SRX string fields create errors if certain characters are included (w5djt)
0000525: [Download] donwload speed indicator changes too rapidly and is basically unreadable (w5djt)
0000529: [Search] Power is missing from search fields (w5djt)
0000528: [Database Sync] HRD database import causes "Syntax Error" when importing some empty fields (w5djt)
11 issues

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